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Posted by Monica Rana on Jun 17, 2019 4:45:42 PM

With the advent of new technologies and consumers increasingly spending more time on their smartphones, we all know that digital is the way to go. Everyday, new apps launch by the truckloads and the competition only gets fierce every second. In such a scenario, how does a business stand out from the clutter, stay top of mind and establish a personal connect with their consumers?

The answer is simple – SMS marketing.

Businesses need to ensure that consumers are at the heart of their communication strategy and how they communicate can either establish long lasting relationships with customers or set them fleeing in the opposite direction to the competition. And, no business, whether an SME or a large enterprise wants that. We give you 5 reasons why you should continue to consider SMS messaging as part of your customer engagement plan.

  • Keep consumers informed and engaged
  • SMS over email and phone
  • You can use SMS messages for almost everything
  • SMS APIs can help you reach consumers at scale worldwide
  • Inspite of the launch of WhatsApp Business, SMS text messaging is here to stay
1. Keep consumers informed and engagedKarix_Whatsapp-Landing-page-icons_1

The key to retaining and broadening your client base is a strategy that communicates with customers/potential leads at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Whether it is a discount for an abandoned cart or a transaction alert, businesses needs to send out messages that are relevant and effective through channels that can deliver your messages instantly and reliably.

2. SMS over email and phone

5reasonswhy_2-1According to recent reports, customers increasingly favour SMS over other mediums like email and phone calls. One report states that (source) 74 trillion emails versus only 8 trillion text messages are sent out by businesses every year. However, what is interesting to note is that email open rates are close to only 20% compared to 98% for text messages. Alternately in another report, 44% consumers preferred texting a business over waiting for an agent’s response on the line (source).


3. You can use SMS messages for almost everything

Owing to this shift in changing consumer mindsets, businesses need to adapt quickly and include SMS APIs inKarix_Whatsapp-Landing-page-icons_3 their communication strategy, which is clearly a more effective channel of 2-way communication. The channel can be used for myriad purposes from sending out messages for time-sensitive and confidential information like authentication messages (aka OTP), bank alerts, payment requests, movie tickets to more sales-oriented information like discount coupons, special offers and upcoming sales alerts.

You can also use the channel to keep them engaged and build a long-lasting relationship via contests, surveys and loyalty programs – all fueled with regular and timely SMS messages.

4. SMS APIs can help you reach consumers at scale worldwide

Karix_Whatsapp-Landing-page-icons_4SMS APIs are evolving with time. Gone are the days when customers could only send out messages limited to 160 characters. Cloud communication platforms now offer Long SMS support and have the bandwidth to connect with carriers and operators over the world.


5. Inspite of the launch of WhatsApp Business, SMS text messaging is here to stay

Although smartphones are steadily finding their way into the interiors and small towns of every nation,Karix_Whatsapp-Landing-page-icons_5 according to a report by the mobile giant, Ericsson, one-third of the world’s phones aren’t “smart enough” to receive advanced messages like QR codes. Infact, the report states that 35% of phone users in the world are best reached via text messaging.

In Conclusion

So, whether it is a time-critical notification like OTP authentication, or a discount offer to encourage sales, SMS still plays a very important role in customer engagement currently.'s SMS API allow you to reach out to customers across 200+ countries worldwide. You can sign up and get started for free! For any questions on our SMS APIs, refer to our documentation and FAQs section


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