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A step-by-step guide to using SMS Campaigns on

With’s latest campaign feature, you can send out quick SMS blasts for different campaigns. In this blog post, we explain how to use the SMS campaigns feature on So whether it is a special pre-holiday offer, or a survey, you can do so with our SMS campaigns feature instantly.

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Driving Discovery to Conversion with Ads that Click to WhatsApp

Messaging to win the consumer’s heart

The new Click to WhatsApp CTA on Facebook ads is the perfect answer to a marketer’s dilemma of getting lost in the consumer’s Newsfeed. According to a report by Facebook Insights, 53% of people surveyed said that they would prefer to shop with a business they can contact through a chat app. While 56% of people surveyed said that they would rather message than call customer service. It is easy to get lost in a newsfeed but if you offer consumers the chance to message the business directly, you can get their attention and also offer customer support with relevant information.

Facebook is offering a gold mine for marketers and advertisers by bringing Ads that Click to WhatsApp to more countries after introducing it last year. This means that you can now post an ad on Facebook or Instagram and drive your users to open a chat with your business on WhatsApp to address customer queries and concerns, offer customer support and increase conversion rates!

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Why You Need to WhatsApp-enable Your Business

Four areas of customer connect benefiting from WhatsApp’s Business API.

With the introduction of the WhatsApp Business API, enterprises can cash in on the popularity of WhatsApp and move their communications to a medium used and preferred by customers. As companies across the board begin using the WhatsApp Business API to connect with their customers in ever-evolving ways, here are a few possibilities in four broad areas of customer communications to kick-start the imagination.

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Join us at the Great International Developer Summit 2019

Our excitement levels are slowly beginning to peak as the 12th edition of the most anticipated developer event in Asia approaches – Great International Developer Summit or better known as GIDS in developer circles. Taking place in Bangalore between 22-27 April, GIDS expects to see a participation of over 6000 attendees this year, at this 5-day event. 
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Highlights from MWC Barcelona 2019

The most anticipated event for the mobile industry, Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019, was held in Barcelona from February 25-28. When the combined forces of Karix Mobile and Tanla Solutions united, the excitement levels soared to new heights. 

The theme for MWC 2019 was ‘Intelligent Connectivity’, and the event gave us the opportunity to gauge the global pulse of the mobile industry. MWC 2019 was a special event for us this year as Karix rolled out its suite of services for the WhatsApp Business solution.

We present to you some highlights from the event that brought together experts, opinion leaders and innovators from across the globe.

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Karix is an Official Service Provider for the WhatsApp Business API

Karix offers WhatsApp Business APIs to enterprises to drive rich customer conversations.

26th February: Karix Mobile Pvt. Ltd, one of the world’s largest providers of unified communication solutions, has announced their suite of services for the WhatsApp Business solution. The offering was launched at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona today, where Karix Mobile is showcasing their extensive suite of unified communication solutions from 25th to 28th of February 2019.

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How to Send an SMS using PHP Helper Library

This tutorial will guide you to send an SMS using the message API from the PHP Helper Library.

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How to Send an SMS using Python Helper Library

This tutorial will guide you on how to send an SMS using the message API from the python helper library.

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How Do I Rent a Phone Number and Receive SMS using

This tutorial will guide you on how to rent a phone number and receive inbound SMS.

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How Do I Recharge my Account?

This tutorial will guide you on how to add credits (recharge) to your account and how to setup auto-recharge so that you never have to worry about your traffic getting disrupted due to low account credits.

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