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The nature of the way businesses communicate with consumers is changing. With a shift of focus to mobile-first communication, messaging consumers on an app they prefer and extensively use makes more sense for businesses. After getting their business case approved and verified by WhatsApp, businesses can use the medium to instantly share invoices, product notifications, offer customer support and also automate processes.

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With the advent of new technologies and consumers increasingly spending more time on their smartphones, we all know that digital is the way to go. Everyday, new apps launch by the truckloads and the competition only gets fierce every second. In such a scenario, how does a business stand out from the clutter, stay top of mind and establish a personal connect with their consumers?

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Across a number of industries, you can use WhatsApp to notify, converse and engage with customers through their most preferred messaging app. WhatsApp can act as a dynamic platform to drive two-way conversations and improve customer satisfaction. Also, the fact that customers do not have to download an additional app poses as a major motivational factor for them to engage with businesses via an app they already use and trust.

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