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How Do I Send an SMS Using cURL?

Posted by on Apr 9, 2018 6:27:10 PM

This tutorial will guide you on how to send an SMS using the message API using cURL.

We will demonstrate how you can:

  • Send an SMS to a single phone number
  • Send an SMS to multiple phone numbers (Bulk SMS) 
To follow this tutorial, you would need:
  • A shell with the curl command line utility installed
  • An account with . Please click here to signup
  • Some credits in your account to send SMS
  • Your account’s Auth ID and Auth Token from your dashboard (As shown below)
How to Send SMS with Karix-io
Pro Tip: All users get free credits to try out the platform. After creating an account, simply verify your phone number from the dashboard and claim your free credits!

To send an SMS to a single phone number
, simply copy/paste the cURL command below, replacing the placeholder values for Auth ID, Auth Token and source/destination numbers.

A sample response of the above API call is listed below:

Astute readers will notice that the destination field is an array. This means that for sending SMS to multiple destinations (Bulk SMS), simply add comma separated entries to the destination array. An example of a bulk SMS using cURL is listed below.

Sample response for bulk SMS API call is listed below:

This is a REST API provided by  and has built-in support for long SMS and also supports multilingual (unicode) characters. For detailed information, check out the message API Docs and messaging related FAQs

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