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Driving Discovery to Conversion with Ads that Click to WhatsApp

Messaging to win the consumer’s heart

The new Click to WhatsApp CTA on Facebook ads is the perfect answer to a marketer’s dilemma of getting lost in the consumer’s Newsfeed. According to a report by Facebook Insights, 53% of people surveyed said that they would prefer to shop with a business they can contact through a chat app. While 56% of people surveyed said that they would rather message than call customer service. It is easy to get lost in a newsfeed but if you offer consumers the chance to message the business directly, you can get their attention and also offer customer support with relevant information.

Facebook is offering a gold mine for marketers and advertisers by bringing Ads that Click to WhatsApp to more countries after introducing it last year. This means that you can now post an ad on Facebook or Instagram and drive your users to open a chat with your business on WhatsApp to address customer queries and concerns, offer customer support and increase conversion rates!

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With the advent of new technologies and consumers increasingly spending more time on their smartphones, we all know that digital is the way to go. Everyday, new apps launch by the truckloads and the competition only gets fierce every second. In such a scenario, how does a business stand out from the clutter, stay top of mind and establish a personal connect with their consumers?

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