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Upgrade to API version 2.0

Posted by Shashank Mehra on Feb 18, 2019 5:57:11 PM


We released API Version 2.0 on February 18, 2019. This release adds WhatsApp as a channel on which you can reach your users. This version changes the behavior of the message and webhook endpoints.  This post is only relevant to you if you see an "Upgrade API Version" button in the dashboard.

What happens with this upgrade?

For all API calls made to , your pinned API version is used if you don’t provide an api-version header in the API calls you make. If you see the upgrade button in the dashboard your current pinned API version is “1.0”. More details in the docs

This upgrade changes the pinned API version for all API calls made to to “2.0”

Do I need to upgrade?

Our latest release adds WhatsApp as a new channel you can use to reach your users. You can try it out from the dashboard without taking any action and on  by passing the api-version header with the value “2.0”. Both do not require you to upgrade your pinned API version.

You should upgrade if you want to change your default pinned API version to “2.0” so all API calls without a specified api-version header default to “2.0”.

Will the upgrade break my existing API integration?

Once you upgrade, all API requests sent without an “api-version” header will start to default to version “2.0”.

If your integration code written for version “1.0” is not sending the “api-version” parameter then certain API calls will break. To upgrade your pinned version you should follow the following steps:

  1. Update your code to start passing “api-version” header as “1.0” or “2.0” based on the version you intend to use. Please consider using message V2 API for latest features.

Note: Latest helper libraries versioned “1.0.x” and “2.0.x” will always send the api-version header based on the helper library version. If you are using our latest helper libraries for version 1.0 then your existing integration should not break. Please make sure to upgrade your helper libraries to the latest version “1.0.x”.


       2. Once you have everything working, upgrade your account’s pinned API version from the dashboard

Please write to us at if you need any help.


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