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Posted by Monica Rana on Jul 23, 2019 10:58:26 AM

The nature of the way businesses communicate with consumers is changing. With a shift of focus to mobile-first communication, messaging consumers on an app they prefer and extensively use makes more sense for businesses. After getting their business case approved and verified by WhatsApp, businesses can use the medium to instantly share invoices, product notifications, offer customer support and also automate processes.

However, with’s sandbox environment, you can start testing right away while you wait for your use case to get verified. Registering is easy and free. Infact, we offer a 2$ credit on signup for testing.

Joining a sandbox

So, you have registered and are ready to start testing?

Step 1: First things first, you need to save the sandbox number (displayed on your dashbord) as a contact on your mobile.

Step 2: After you register, you will see a joining phrase on your dashboard. You need to send that phrase to the saved sandbox number to receive messages.

Step 3: You can add multiple numbers of team members and they will show up in your sandbox list on the dashboard once they are done with Step 2.


To send a test message, click on the WhatsApp icon next to the number and start typing your message and hit send!

Hello Testing!

You can send a test message and start chatting. Any response receive and all replies in the first 24 hours of joining the sandbox are part of a Conversation Message. Post that period, you can either share pre-approved templates from the dashboard, or send a response to any conversation initiated from the phone.

We have three pre-approved templates from WhatsApp that can be used for testing purposes.

  • Your order * has been dispatched. Please expect delivery by *
  • OTP requested by you on * is *
  • Thank you for your payment of * * on *. Your transaction ID is *

Please note that you can replace * with any text of your choice.

Next Steps

Consumers want answers and they want them now. With WhatsApp Business, it is possible to deliver instant responses at scale. The rich platform supports personalization and a streamlined experience. However, without the right support onboarding the API and integrating it with your systems can be a daunting task. You don’t need to take the leap, if you are still undecided. Register today, and start testing the waters for free. And once you decide to get your business onboard, write to support and we can help you get your own WhatsApp Business Account.


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